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For the past 25 years, we have represented individuals who possess, or are seeking to obtain, national security clearances and have issues relating to their clearances.  This includes clearances issued by the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and State Department.

We understand the importance of a clearance in your life.  A clearance problem can impact your current employment, your career, your health insurance, your retirement and your future employability.  Because the loss of a clearance can have such a wide range of negative consequence for you and your family, we strongly recommend that you seek competent legal counsel immediately upon believing you may have a problem.

At our law firm, we aggressively pursue clearance problems at the first sign of trouble because an ounce of prevention frequently is worth a pound of cure.  Usually before a clearance is denied or suspended, the issuing agency conducts an interview to discuss the issue.  We can help you be prepared for your interview and advise you as to the issues the interviewer is likely cover.  This preparation can be essential in achieving a good outcome without the need to undergo a costly due-process hearing.  We do everything we can to help you avoid litigation if possible.  If we are involved early in the process, we also can recommend remedial actions that can be crucial to insuring success if a hearing is your only option to maintain your clearance.

If a hearing is necessary to defend your clearance, we have decades of experience to provide you with an aggressive defense and expert presentation of your case.  Our record of success in these cases is second to none and we are known for our comprehensive presentations that are precisely directed to address the core issues of concern to the agencies who issue clearances.

Click below for a small sampling of the clearance cases we have successfully litigated:

Criterion J and Criterion K – Alcohol and Drug Related Cases

PSH 12-0049 ||  PSH-14-0095 ||  TSO-0271 ||  TSO-0506 ||  TSO-0672

Criterion H – Illness or Mental Condition Causing Defects in Judgment or Reliability

PSH 12-0049 ||  PSH 15-0022 ||  PSH 15-0090 ||  PSH-14-0095 ||  TSO-0506 ||  TSO-0672

Criterion F – Misrepresentation/Falsification/Significant Omission on QNSP


Criterion L – Conduct/Circumstances Tending to Show Lack of Honesty, Reliability or Trustworthiness

PSH 14-0010 ||  PSH 14-0011 ||  PSH 14-0047 ||  TSO-0271 ||  VSO-0319

(PSH 14-0047 was won on Appeal)

Foreign Connections and Contacts/Loyalty to United States/Foreign Allegiance

07-16090 ||  PSH 14-0010 ||  PSH 14-0011

Financial Issues

10-04093 ||  PSH 14-0047

(PSH 14-0047 was won on Appeal)

Delinquent Taxes

PSH 14-0047

(PSH 14-0047 was won on Appeal)