The Judge Steve Herrera Judicial Complex


We represent clients (adults and juveniles) in state and federal courts who are charged with any type of criminal offense, including felonies and misdemeanors. We defend against a wide range of crimes—everything from murder to careless driving. In the recent past, we have represented clients charged with-or being investigated for-homicide, vehicular homicide, date rape, “revenge porn”, domestic violence, child abuse, drug trafficking, tax evasion, embezzlement, public official corruption, securities fraud, violation of election laws, DWI, traffic offenses and a host of other crimes. Being a good criminal lawyer requires more than courtroom trial skills. It also requires skill in negotiation, investigation and counseling. Our approach at the Dan Cron Law Firm is one of holistic representation—that is, we look for the root causes of behaviors and address those issues so that our clients can avoid encountering similar problems in the future. For our high profile clients, we recognize that it is rarely in your best interest to be in the media. We do our best to limit media exposure unless it will help your case.

Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic violence cases are more complicated than he-said, she-said accusations. We believe that many situations are best served, not by a resolution in criminal court, but by addressing the root issues of the interpersonal conflict through constructive methods such as counseling and mediation. We seek to find constructive and healthy solutions that are designed to strengthen relationships, not alienate the parties. Domestic violence convictions carry a host of negative consequences that can include job loss, inability to obtain certain types of employment, restrictions on coaching youth sports, loss of professional licensure, loss of the right to possess firearms (even for hunting or protection) and possible deportation for non-citizens. Aside from helping the parties move forward in a healthy way, we seek resolutions that do not involve domestic violence convictions for our clients.

Drug Offenses

We represent people charged with all types of drug offenses, including trafficking, manufacturing, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Like DWI, drug convictions can have serious consequences, including loss of student financial aid and even removal from the country for immigrants. Drug offenses are frequently fueled by an addiction, and we look not only at the charged offense, but also at underlying addiction issues. Over the years, we have helped countless clients (including many juveniles) face and overcome addiction to allow them to live their lives without the physical, emotional and financial costs that are associated with drug dependency. Apart from addressing addiction, even though it is not always possible, our primary goal is to resolve drug cases without our clients being convicted of a drug crime.

DWI Offenses

DWI is a crime that carries a potential wide range of very serious consequences.  Not only does a DWI conviction expose you to incarceration and monetary fines, it also can have a profound effect on your driving privileges, personal life and employment.  If your job depends on your ability to drive, you can lose your employment.  If you have a professional license, your licensure can be placed in jeopardy.  If you are a non-elected public official (police, firefighters, etc.) you can face immediate termination from your position.  If you are high profile person in the community, your reputation is at stake.  If you are an elected public official, your public office can be in jeopardy.  At Dan Cron Law Firm, P.C., we understand that a DWI charge may be the most serious legal issue that you will ever face in your lifetime.  We approach defending every DWI case with a vigor that recognizes the serious implications that could come with a DWI conviction for you.  Our firm’s track record in DWI cases is unparalleled in the legal community.

Once you are arrested for DWI, time is of the essence because of multiple deadlines that must be met in order to protect your rights.  DWI is a very technical offense.  Just because you have scored above the legal limit on a breath test doesn’t mean that you will be convicted automatically.  The police are required to follow the law concerning every aspect of your arrest.  We don’t just look at your breath test score; we analyze each and every step of the process to evaluate whether the police followed the law when they arrested you.  We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of DWI technology, current case law and police procedures.  We attend annual DWI trainings to stay at the top of our game.  We hire expert witnesses in cases when expert testimony will aid in your defense.

Juvenile Offenses

Our philosophy in juvenile cases is to prevent youthful indiscretion from impairing the bright futures of our young clients.  At the same time, we think it is important for our juvenile clients to realize the seriousness of their situations.  We impress upon our clients the correlation between their decisions and the consequences of bad decisions for their future dreams and aspirations.  The frank discussions that we have with our young clients and their parents are designed to resolve issues in a positive manner.

Sex Offenses

There is perhaps nothing more serious than being accused of a sex crime. Sex offense cases have complicated issues like forensic DNA analysis, the use of unacceptable methods by the police in obtaining accusations, the motivation of individuals making an allegation and the coercion of children by others who would benefit from a false accusation. Sex offense convictions have profound lifetime consequences, even when a client is not imprisoned. Sex offender registration can be a lifetime requirement that makes an offender a pariah in the community. Employment is difficult at best and it is often impossible to obtain a well-paying job. Housing opportunities are severely limited. At Dan Cron Law Firm, P.C., we not only represent people accused of sex offenses, but we also represent individuals in connection with sex offender registration issues, parole hearings and other matters resulting from the collateral damage of sex offense convictions.

Violent Crime Offenses

We have extensive experience and success at defending all forms of violent crime offenses, including murder, vehicular homicide, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated battery on a peace officer, aggravated battery on a household member, aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a peace officer, aggravated assault on a household member, criminal sexual penetration of adults and minors, criminal sexual contact of adults and minors, battery, battery on a peace officer, battery on a household member, assault, assault on a peace officer and assault on a household member.  We have particular expertise in understanding cutting edge scientific methods and solving complicated forensic issues that frequently hold the key to successfully representing clients on violent crime offense charges.

White Collar Offenses

Dan Cron Law Firm, P.C. is uniquely qualified in the area of white collar crime both by qualification and experience.  Dan’s undergraduate degree is in business.  He was selected as the 2014 and 2017 White Collar Lawyer of the Year in New Mexico by Best Lawyers in America.  The firm has represented many individuals and corporations, including hospitals, physicians, Indian tribes, contractors at military bases, construction companies, governmental employees, accountants and other professionals in a multitude of white collar areas.  These areas include:

  • Tax evasion
  • Embezzlement
  • Public official corruption
  • Securities fraud
  • Election law violations
  • Public official/governmental corruption
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bribery
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Counterfeit Native American arts
  • Other economic crimes