DWI is a crime that carries a potential wide range of very serious consequences.  Not only does a DWI conviction expose you to incarceration and monetary fines, it also can have a profound effect on your driving privileges, personal life and employment.  If your job depends on your ability to drive, you can lose your employment.  If you have a professional license, your licensure can be placed in jeopardy.  If you are a non-elected public official (police, firefighters, etc.) you can face immediate termination from your position.  If you are high profile person in the community, your reputation is at stake.  If you are an elected public official, your public office can be in jeopardy.  At Dan Cron Law Firm, P.C., we understand that a DWI charge may be the most serious legal issue that you will ever face in your lifetime.  We approach defending every DWI case with a vigor that recognizes the serious implications that could come with a DWI conviction for you.  Our firm’s track record in DWI cases is unparalleled in the legal community.

Once you are arrested for DWI, time is of the essence because of multiple deadlines that must be met in order to protect your rights.  DWI is a very technical offense.  Just because you have scored above the legal limit on a breath test doesn’t mean that you will be convicted automatically.  The police are required to follow the law concerning every aspect of your arrest.  We don’t just look at your breath test score; we analyze each and every step of the process to evaluate whether the police followed the law when they arrested you.  We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of DWI technology, current case law and police procedures.  We attend annual DWI trainings to stay at the top of our game.  We hire expert witnesses in cases when expert testimony will aid in your defense.